Your tweets cost money

A snapshot of Dave MacGregor’s blog entry giving away free copies of his book shows interesting implications. Almost everyone choses not to tweet the post and get a book.

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2 replies on “Your tweets cost money”

  1. That’s actually quite a good number. We had a $2,500 Aereon Chair giveaway. After 17,000 views, we had 470 replies (plus another similar number of Twitter entries). At the end it was about 5.5% entry – for something that was free, nothing else required to enter.

    That’s the entry rate I’ve seen before on Geekzone – over the years we have given thousands and thousands of dollars in equipement away and always surprises me that for a free entry, people read but decide not to enter to win – even when there’s only one single skill question (post a reply for example) and nothing else is needed.

    Reality is that’s how competitions work.


    1. Interesting. Of course posting a comment reply also has a cost – it leaves a trail with your name on it that shows you like entering competitions. It’s not the best for your personal internet footprint.

      If there was a painless way to download the book (a big download button) I wonder what the response rate would be.


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