We love Flowerpower, do you like?

We at Powerkiwi love our Flowerpower product, and so we have created a Facebook page to have some fun. For now we are trying to build up to a decent number of people who like the page so that we can start offering sme fun deals.

Therefore we are giving away $100 of free credit to a randomly selected person that  is in the first 200 to ‘like‘ our page on Facebok. That’s it.

Here it is.

Of course this only applies to those people who have or are getting a Powershop account. If you don’t have one then click the flower top right and get $50 of free credit just for joining. No paper required – we promise.

Published by Lance Wiggs


3 replies on “We love Flowerpower, do you like?”

  1. That really sucks, why should we be forced to join facebook (who rob their users of their intellectual property) to get access to deals.


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