Electricity company puts prices down!

PowerKiwi, a company that I am a co-founder of, today dropped prices for Flowerpower for most Powershop customers. Pricing for electricity varies by location, annual usage and the type of meters you have, but we are pleased to be able to do these special, pre-winter season, prices. Prices will, sadly, rise during the winter period […]

Power supply is up – what will your prices do?

<shameless plug> Via Radio New Zealand we hear positive noises about the supply of electicity this winter: New Zealand’s third largest state power company believes the country will avoid a winter power shortage this year. ..The company (Mighty River Power) says a 130 megawatt geothermal plant being commissioned near Taupo will, on its own, exceed […]

Is Powershop forcing a competitive response already?

Is this the first response to Powershop? Via a secret source, Contact energy is offering 12% prompt payment discounts, up from 10%. In this game that’s a huge discount. Click on the picture to see the original (it looks the same). I don’t get the “no credit card” rule though – at least not from […]

Powershop saves me 32.5% at the moment

So Powershop lowers switching costs, but as you can see from the headline it also lowers actual costs. So how much can you save? If you are like me – then a lot. I was using Contact, who like the other companies, charge in two ways – cents per unit consumed (kWh) and a service […]