Telecom Broadband meter is a bit short

Telecom may want to think about upgrading their broadband meter. My Orcon connection (over Chorus cabinetised lines) is a lot faster than their “Extreme!” speed of about 2.5 Megabits/sec.

This is, of course, a good problem to have, and a symptom of ever increasing speeds. Fibre to the home will give well over ten times the red line for 100 Megabits/sec and  100 times the red line for 1 Gigabit/sec connections. I cannot wait.

As an aside – here is my broadband meter for my mobile phone. I’d really like to know my data usage.

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One Response to Telecom Broadband meter is a bit short

  1. MrHelpful says:

    hi there.

    i think this screenshot is of your (home) broadband activity not your mobile broadband activity,

    Mine is also zero at the moment due to Tivo.

    try clicking the ‘mobile broadband’ link in Your Telecom and see what that comes up with.



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