We are using the wrong broadband statistics

TrueNet is a New Zealand company that measures actual internet speeds from the premise to both local and international addresses. Pacific Fibre asked them to pull together from their data a chart showing the difference between local and international traffic speeds at peak times. (If there is an Australian company offering this service then please […]

Telecom Broadband meter is a bit short

Telecom may want to think about upgrading their broadband meter. My Orcon connection (over Chorus cabinetised lines) is a lot faster than their “Extreme!” speed of about 2.5 Megabits/sec. This is, of course, a good problem to have, and a symptom of ever increasing speeds. Fibre to the home will give well over ten times […]

The 31 reasons that inflight wifi is not making money

From the WSJ we hear that sales for inflight wifi have been disappointing. It seems that when you give it away the usage is pretty high, but things change when there is a price: “.. in tests and now in regular service, usage drops off considerably when travelers must pay for the service. Alaska Airlines […]

Vodafone 3G Coverage misses the money

I really should have checked the SSC Broadband Map before signing up to Vodafone 3G coverage. It appears that Roseneath, one of NZ’s wealthier suburbs, and where I live, is barely covered by Vodafone’s 3G service. Actually there are plenty of gaps across Wellington – including Karaka Bay, Worser Bay and Seatoun, where many of […]