Telecom some ideas for your prepay recharge screen

This is Telecom’s prepay information screen. I’ve been looking at it a lot over the last two days as both my T Stick and iPad needed recharging. It was a frustrating experience, and the T-Stick just failed again yet the screen gives no useful information:

Please – can someone redesign this?

Here’s what I’d like to see:

1: Show the one thing we want to know – should my phone/stick/iPad work or not? Perhaps a big line near the top of the page saying something like – “Your data is ACTIVE” or “Your data is INACTIVE” would be good.

2: If it is the second, then show us what to do. “You need to top up at least $40 to continue your plan” could be good, followed by a big “top-up $40 now” button.

3: Make the Credit Card page work all of the time, not just one in the three days (my experience). Show the phone number that we can call if the credit card page is down.

4: Let us add more than $60 (or is it $80?) each time. These data cards eats money like anything, so let me give it to you.

5: and last but not least – please automatically recognise and log a customer in if they surf to the page with a particular device. That will save the painful SMS SIM card shuffle which should be consigned to usability hell.

P.S. Vodafone’s iPad recharge screen is not bad – not perfect, but not bad. Check it out.

Published by Lance Wiggs