Quotes from the ACMA business model report

A few choice quotes from the Australia Communications and Media Authority’s “Report 4— Changing business models in the Australian communication and media sectors: Challenges and response strategies

It’s worth reading the report – at least for your industry.

“At June 2010, there were approximately 3.5 million mobile broadband services in operation, an increase of 71 per cent since June 2009.”

“The number of mobile telephone services increased by only one per cent in the same period (from 22.2 million to 22.5 million).”

“Telstra reported that the number of its PSTN lines had decreased by 358,000 over the year to June 2010”

“…and it estimated as many as 12 per cent of households are now ‘mobile only’ for voice, up from around eight per cent a year ago”

“Financial results for 2009–10 show that all mobile operators have enjoyed significant increases in data revenue. Telstra recorded non-messaging data revenue (handheld devices) increases of 21 per cent, VHA reported data and non-voice service revenue increases of 43 per cent and Optus reported that mobile services were a key contributor to growth, with mobile revenue accounting for 63 per cent of total company total revenue during 2009–10″

“Research undertaken by Gartner, indicates that the number of mobile application downloads will grow from 2.5 million in 2009 to a predicted 21.6 million in 2013.” (Actually Apple iTunes right now shows overall app downloads approaching 10 Billion, so Gartner’s headline of “Over 50 Billion Applications Downloads Generating Over $72 Billion From 2008 Through 2013″ is already well out of date. Overall those Australian numbers seem highly anemic.)

“… 27 per cent of adult internet users in Australia identified the internet as their most trusted source of news and information, in comparison to 20 per cent for newspapers, 17 per cent for television and 12 per cent of internet users identifying the radio as their most trusted source of news and information.”

“..only 39 per cent of adult internet users in Australia described newspapers as an important or very important source of information, compared to 34 per cent describing them as somewhat important and 27 per cent describing them as not important”

Published by Lance Wiggs