Quotes from the ACMA business model report

A few choice quotes from the Australia Communications and Media Authority’s “Report 4— Changing business models in the Australian communication and media sectors: Challenges and response strategies” It’s worth reading the report – at least for your industry. “At June 2010, there were approximately 3.5 million mobile broadband services in operation, an increase of 71 […]

The challenge for Fishpond

Here’s Fishpond‘s latest email to me. I like the company a lot, and they are justifiably doing well, but I find it difficult to buy anything from them as I’ve moved increasingly into an electronic world. In September last year I purchased the latest Kindle, which is smaller, faster and a lot lighter than my […]

Better culture, better people, better economy

It’s the most commented article on The Economist right now, and it’s a fractious topic. Indian students have recently taken to the streets in protest against some of the worst ethnic-based attacks Australia has seen The violence sprang to public notice when two Indian men were attacked with screwdrivers in Melbourne last month. One was […]

Importing MYOB data into Xero – opportunity?

I’m trying to convince my mother to switch to Xero from MYOB. The unfortunate problem is that all of her history is stored in MYOB, and so switching requires re-keying of invoices and the like. The solution to this is to commence using Xero at the start of a financial year, which leads to a […]

A really great year at Pollenizer

For an example of a “really great” year, check out Pollenizer. We at Lingopal started working with Phil Morle and then Mick Liubiskas as individuals early in 2008, and by the end of the calendar year they had formed a company, hired staff, found premises and helped 32+ companies on their path to and beyond launch. It’s all […]