The hot weather in Greece

I switched a long time ago from watching TV for the weather to using the internet or more recently mobile apps.

Perhaps that was a mistake – it seems that in Greece at least the TV weather forecast is compelling.

It’s all on YouTube. I could stand about 2 minutes – your employer may stand for less. I guess it’s a warning as to where we could all end up if we are not vigilant about endorsing and supporting serious media.

I found it from an email that has been doing the rounds. The email shows several Mexican weather presenter photos, such as this one:

and after the sey becomes the routine, we were confronted with these.

It’s hard to make judgement about other societies – whether Greece and Mexico for their demeaning of women, or the Middle Eastern  countries for their backward approach to women. The simple facts are that societies have different norms, and we shouldn’t necessarily impose our own standards, unless they go too far. But what is to far?

Published by Lance Wiggs