Dell’s descent into usability hell

Is the Original homepage better or worse than the current one?

The original page let you go directly to what you wanted – be it to buy a particular type of computer, get service or check your order. It was ugly but so simple.

The current site is a brick wall. I suppose the logo is nicer though.

Here’s the current USA site with flash turned on (after a frustrating few minutes trying to use the country selector and failing I had to change the “c=nz” to ‘c=us’  in the url).

It’s similar to the NZ experience – Visitors cannot just start shopping, and have to decide what sort of customer they are first. I’ve never figured that one out for myself, and am certain that others struggle as well.

I won’t bother putting up a screenshot of the website. It’s just too cruel to Dell.

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3 replies on “Dell’s descent into usability hell”

  1. The strange thing about Dell’s two tier pricing is that there are sometimes better deals in one and sometimes in the other – it’s not consistent.

    Savvy buyers need to look at both.

    Actually really savvy buyers go elsewhere.


  2. I think somewhere in the middle would be Good – KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) should apply to any site.

    After all Dick Smith doesnt say when you enter the retail store, :”Sorry you have to go this way if you are a business”

    Doesnt make logical sense…”too many techos spoil the website” ;)


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