Codswallop from the NZHerald

Valentino’s Gelato somehow got rated ahead of Giapo as the best Gelato in Auckland by the NZHerald. What codswallop.

The reviewer, Nici Wickes, raved about Valentino’s “Moro bar and Bounty bar” flavours. While that might be a fun way to pack on the pounds, those flavours invoke a reflex gag for me, and certainly are no part of a decent gelato selection.

The review does at least give a nod to Giapo’s “creations … crafted fresh every day using organic ingredients, free-range eggs and New Zealand seasonal fruit”. However it goes well off track when mentioning “music pumping, people doing impromptu karaoke”, neither of which has been a feature for, oh,  a year maybe two.

Giapo’s Gianpaolo Grazioni has certainly calmed down the atmosphere at Giapo since launching almost 3 years a go. I was critical then, but the relentless improvement in the quality of the gelato is difficult to beat. I suggest the NZHerald reviewers either visit the store during so-called Karaoke times or at least fact-check their sources next time.  And I suggest that we all continue to vote with our feet. Giapo is full even in the dead of winter, and is an increasingly must-do tourist destination.

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  1. To be fair, Valentino’s Bounty flavour is pretty frickin awesome, but yeah, it’s no Giapo, not by a long way.


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