I’ve just activated WordPress’s WordAds feature. Apparently we get to see some advertisements on this site and I get to earn $millions.

That won’t happen (the $millions bit), but I am interested in how this feature is implemented and what sort of advertisements are coming through. So if you see any ads – positive or negative -please let me know. I can’t see them yet myself.

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  1. I thought WordAds was designed as a competitor to Google Adsense, however your ads are showing as ‘Ads by Google’. Is this your own Adsense code that you enter or are WordPress just using Adsense and skimming some of the revenue off the top?


    1. Now Groupon at the top and Vistaprint on the left.

      Note: normally read on google reader so I wont see them unless I come here to comment.


  2. Thanks everyone. I said on Twitter I suspect this experiment will be short-lived – and it is. I’ll turn it off now as it is too distracting. I may turn it on again next tome (if) a post goes a bit viral to see what sort of impact it gets. Overall this detracts from the experience, and given that I actually pay to remove WordPress’s own ads from the site I’m clearly more than comfortable missing out on the $2.50 or whatever that I’d earn each month.


  3. Lance

    You can choose where you place them, and do it so its not distracting and that works fine (IMO).

    I early enuf to pay for my web hosting, domain etc, and my blog is around 1/2 to 1/3 of the readers of yours.


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