I’ve just activated WordPress’s WordAds feature. Apparently we get to see some advertisements on this site and I get to earn $millions. That won’t happen (the $millions bit), but I am interested in how this feature is implemented and what sort of advertisements are coming through. So if you see any ads – positive or […]

Google’s Schmidt responds to Murdoch – and well

Google’s Eric Schmidt has written an op editorial in the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal. The best paragraph is where Eric gently explains to Murdoch, in his own newspaper, exactly how Google is helping and not hindering the news industry. Microsoft, for all its offers to pay for exclusive rights to New Limited’s content, knows […]

Murdoch, Microsoft and mad men

While I sit near the TV refusing to watch myself on Media7 (I’m sure co-panelist Julie Starr was excellent), here are some notes that I wrote in preparation for the recording of the show last night. The wider topic of how news media will make money and survive online and offline is wide and deep […]