PowerKiwi and the Fast50

We entered PowerKiwi into this year’s Deloitte Fast50, and the results are announced tonight. Powerkiwi sells FlowerPower and other products on online electricity retailer Powershop.

We’ve had an incredible growth rate over the last few years, and just hit over 220 million units of electricity sold to date through Powershop. Since launch we’ve been responsible for over 22% of the energy unit sales through Powershop, mainly through our FlowerPower product, as well as our carbon neutralised Green Power, and Tree Power, which supports global rural communities to plant trees.

So far this year we’ve already reached over 80 million units, and we’ve already beaten last year’s top line revenue. That’s not quite at the growth rate required to be on the stage for next year’s Fast50, but when the numbers get bigger, maintaining the growth rate in percentage terms is much harder. We are grateful to our thousands of customers, and aim to keep bringing little smiles into their lives.

Deloitte do a great job with the Fast50, recognising companies that are emerging household names. The deserving winner last year was Powershop itself, and we are absolutely riding on their coattails. We love what Powershop has done to electricity retailing in NZ, changing the very nature of how utilities can sell and work with customers. My favorite part is no paper ever. So thank-you Powershop for welcoming us into your ecosystem.

We, the owners of Powershop, are involved in a range of other early stage ventures.

Rowan, Koz and Amnon are with well respected Southgate labs, who invest time, money and their substantial experience in early stage companies . They invested in and are helping Vend, GoVocab and others.
Lance and Nat helped found SafePlus and MyTours, which Nik also helped found.
Nik meanwhile founded MinuteDock and 200Square, a fast-growing online real estate agency.
And finally I’m part of Define Instruments, a designer and manufacturer of control systems, as well as several other businesses visible on the blog.

Any of these firms could appear on future Fast 50 lists. My money is on Vend to be the first, which itself is part of a few ecosystems, including Xero, a Fast50 star.

Overall we are all enjoying building great businesses and delighting customers where we can. We wil be happy with whatever level of success we earn tonight.

Thank you Deloitte, Powershop, and to all of our customers who have bought ‘the flower’ on Powershop.

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