Vibe appoints Rudi Hefer as CEO

Rudi ever started at Vibe Communications as Chief Commercial Officer back in August, and he has been leading strong growth in the business. I’m delighted that he’s now the CEO –  press release below:

Vibe appoints Rudi Hefer as CEO

Vibe is pleased to announce the apointment of Rudi Hefer as CEO at Vibe Communications.

“Rudi joined as Chief Commercial Officer in August, and since then he has shown that he is the right person for the job” said founder and CTO Davey Goode. Hefer fills a vacant role, working with founders Barry Murphy (COO) and Davey Goode (CTO).

As part of his appointment Hefer will be investing into the company.

Lance Wiggs from investor Punakaiki Fund said he was delighted for Vibe and for Rudi Hefer, with the evidence of Rudi’s presence already showing in strong revenue growth and innovative new products, saying “The new Intellipath product, for example, will let clients connect data centers to other data centers within minutes, and that really changes the game for the industry in New Zealand and Australia.”

Rudi commenced his role on November 1, 2014.

Published by Lance Wiggs