The MPAA needs business people not lawyers

There have been suspiciously few (none recorded) notices from the MPAA (or NZFACT) to alleged copyright infringers in New Zealand since the law came into effect this week. Perhaps the tsunami is to come, or maybe they are waiting to pick the perfect case. However no notices issued to ISPs is despite their long-time rhetoric […]

The US internet policy document for us

Who calls it Cyberspace anymore? Apparently the US Government does, and aside from the title their new International Strategy for Cyberspace paper is very well written. Three quick take-aways for me: 1: A refreshing commitment to a right to access Reliable Access: States should not arbitrarily deprive or disrupt individuals’ access to the Internet or […]

#blackout – is self regulation the answer?

Here is a commentary on the change to the copyright act, section 92A, and the #blackout protest. Its by my father, Glen Wiggs, who is a lawyer and ex-head of the Advertising Standards Authority, a  self-regulating organisation here in NZ.  Dad is currently the Adjunct Professor of Advertising Regulation at Sunshine University, and an expert on […]