Proud to be a Kiwi. Shame on you Australia

Today I’m proud of our Government in New Zealand, and horrified at the one they have in Canberra. After the concerted #blackout campaign earlier this year the NZ government halted the implementation of the Section 92A bill that dealt very harshly with alleged copyright infringement. Today they came back with a proposed changed Section 92A, […]

Why this site is in #blackout

#blackout Section 92A of  Amended New Zealand Copyright Act comes into effect on the 28th of February, 2008. The chilling effect of 92A has been reported here before – one email to an unused address, and a family’s internet connection was switched off. It is pleasing that MP’s from all sides have indicated that this […]

#blackout – is self regulation the answer?

Here is a commentary on the change to the copyright act, section 92A, and the #blackout protest. Its by my father, Glen Wiggs, who is a lawyer and ex-head of the Advertising Standards Authority, a  self-regulating organisation here in NZ.  Dad is currently the Adjunct Professor of Advertising Regulation at Sunshine University, and an expert on […]