Survival Rates are high – so why not start something?

We hear a lot of numbers about survival rates, so it’s gratifying to see some quality statistics from Statistics NZ, via this MBIE infographic. It measures 3 year survival rates, and to me three years is about the time it takes to  figure out whether a business is going to enjoy sustainable growth or not. […]

Selling your house the third way with 200 Square

Selling houses is painful – and while some folks really enjoy the challenge and do so privately, almost everyone uses a traditional real estate agent. And gets ripped off. Not that Real Estate agents are crooks, but the industry is ripe for a shake up. The fees are extortionate for the work involved. They insist […]

Starting with pain

Both Paul Graham, in a post about start-up ideas, and Vaughan Rowsell, with a just published interview, talk about the importance of understanding customer pains and needs. Vaughan first, from an interview with DoesWhat I started Vend completely by accident. I actually had another idea, as awesome as Soapbox, that was mobile and could let you find […]