NZHerald is Stuffed

A week or so ago NZ Herald either made a change, or someone (like Telecom) made a change for them, and as a result it often loads glacially slowly. It’s so bad that it essentially renders the site unusable for some folk.
I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is because they have succumbed to video advertising, using a particularly obnoxious product that you cannot turn off.

Unless you have a mac that is – I don’t see any video on my mac, but I still get the horribly slow speeds.

It’s had an effect on traffic – look at the green line in the chart below – which shows that is losing page impressions versus their competition

It started happening at the end of October. Maybe the tech folk should have a chat to the marketing folk….

NZ Herald losing out to stuff

Source: Nielsen Netratings

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