NZ Online retail – the market

Some interesting comments on the previous posts – worth a look at. I’ll redo some numbers in a while, but in the meantime here are some charts…

This is daily unique domestic browsers to the big online shopping sites. (except Gameplanet sorry, which I inadvertently left off). The point of the chart is to show the dominance in NZ of one site. The Page Impressions version of this chart is even worse.

UBs dec 2006 shopping NZ

Here is the same chart, with Trade Me UB’s plotted on the second axis. The point of this chart is to show the gradual relative increase in Ferrit UB’s until last week, after which it seems to be tracking with Trade Me. That’s not a huge result for the advertising spend.

Farmers traffic is interesting with the 2 spikes. I’m not sure why, but that sort of traffic pattern is a symptom of a site that isn’t working and/or over-promotion – else the traffic would stay.

unique browsers Dec 2005 NZ shopping 2 axis

Finally – so we can see what is coming, here is the traffic profile from last year for Real Groovy and Trade Me. Unsurprisingly online retail drops sharply from just before Christmas.

2005 UBs for dec RG and TM

As always these are the Net Neilsen stats, domestic IP addresses only.

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2 replies on “NZ Online retail – the market”

  1. Great graphs to have a look at. And yes you are 100% right that traffic for online shopping drops off about 16 – 17 December – mainly I beleive due to the fact that people are concerned that they won’t get their items in time. We actually sell most items in mid November (more than double finalised sales in December) through our TradeMe site.

    The other concern i have with Ferrit is that if you do some research on the prices on ferrit vs prices through other channels for a number of their retailers – you actually start to see a pattern of higher prices on ferrit (sometimes up to 25% higher than standard retail through another channel). Something ferrit is going to have to work on.


  2. Does anyone (including the perpetrators) actually believe that Ferrit will succeed? It’s “all mouth and no trousers” – Telecom are spending a fortune on advertising but have no useful product behind it. It’s just a price comparison site – there have been lots of those overseas but they’ve never made much impact.


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