Retail sales in NZ

Retail sales in NZ have been quoted a few times as $60bn NZD. Let’s dig into that a little.

The latest stats from show $60.5 bn for the year to the September quarter, 2006.

The big spends are $13bn in supermarket, groceries and produce, $5.8bn in fuel and $7.8bn in motor vehicle retailing.

If we just select the categories that are offered for sale by Ferrit, we see that their addressable market is about $18bn (the yellow bars).
Trade Me also addresses the Motor Vehicle retailing ($7.8 bn) and the auto accessory markets (call it $2 bn) for a total of $28bn of addressable market, excluding property.

Missing from the list of retail services is, as pointed out in comments, airline tickets – which is probably $3-4 bn (Air NZ had $4bn of domestic and international revenue last year), property, and it is unclear whether 2nd hand sales of goods are included. (They should be – large second hand retailers submit GST returns like everybody else.

Retail sales in NZ to Sept Quarter, 2006

Published by Lance Wiggs