Wiki on Trade Me

Codswollops. I cannot comment on this as I’m an insider but not a spokesperson. Apply a bit of common sense to these statements though….. (and no – I’m not going to edit them)

(From Wikipedia – TradeMe)

Fraud and controversy

…In recent times, TradeMe has not in all cases helped out victims of fraud.

…. Some of the sellers tend to have very bad feedback and can still continue to trade and sell. ….. Although one might consider these Trade Me sellers as criminals, Trade Me will still allow these traders to continue on selling.

….Members can report fraud via the “Community Watch” feature or ScamBusters. (A community of users originated Scambusters — which has no affiliation with TradeMe — to report fraud on the site.)

…. As yet Trade Me has not undertaken action to remove any fraudulent members under eighteen years old

….Various third party software developers have been threatened after developing software which interface with the Trade Me website.

Published by Lance Wiggs