Dodgy boats…

So a bloke buys a boat, goes out with his family without checking the integrity of the boat even though he had painted the boat and suspected the hull was rotten. He also goes out without lifejackets for his family members. They get in trouble and the boat capsizes (not “sank” as reported, as they were “clinging to the upturned hull”.)

But apparently the headline news here, via Stuff, is that the boat was bought on Trade Me. Sorry – the news is a guy is lucky to be alive thanks to calling for help and some nearby fishermen.

If you want to buy a boat these days then Trade Me is increasingly the market, especially for smaller boats. But that’s a different story.

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  1. The guy is a fool. Buy an old boat,(assumed wooden),suspect its rotten, take your family without lifejackets to a dangerous piece of water. The headline is desperate.


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