Online retail: Ferrit sinks

Let’s see how the online retail market is going….

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After a dip over Christmas/New Year Trade Me is back on track, while all of the other players are still not making any impression….
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Ferrit’s pre-Christmas promotion gave a leap in traffic (this page impressions chart has two scales), but January and February to date are pretty sour with an average of just 36,800 domestic page impressions each day in Feb. Note the stark difference between Trade Me, which has recovered after Christmas, and Ferrit, which is actually dropping. That’s bad news for the Telecom owned site, and it’s most likely becasue they have not been pushing hard with advertising.

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Ferrit’s Unique Browsers have also dropped away post Christmas. Given that Ferrit is on record as saying that 2% of visitors buy something, that’s an estimated 1,600 buyers in the first half of Feb (to the 15th), or 108 per day. Call it 3,500 buyers per month, at an average of say $10 revenue per buyer (I made the $10 figure up, but the average sale price is most likely between $80 and $120 from the comments in the blog entry linked above). That’s $35,000 per month in income.

With 40-60(?) people to support and the huge advertising budget this dog still does not hunt.

When will Telecom wake up?

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