92% of 2006 US ad spend went to 4 companies

Apparently Marketscape research released at the Online Publisher Forum in London, and reported on Online spin, said that 92% of the US spend in 2006 went to the “big four”: Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL.

In New Zealand things are very different – with MSN arriving at the party early with xtra, Google arriving very late, Yahoo! just arriving at the front door now, courtesy of xtra, and AOL not deigning to attend. Meanwhile MSN seems to have fallen asleep in the corner after being dumped by xtra. (Apologies for the murdered metaphor)

In New Zealand the big media spend, as far as anyone can tell, has been going to NZHerald, Stuff, xtraMSN and Trade Me – with a growing share now going to Google. Wouldn’t we all love to know how much is going to whom, but all we do know is that the total was $65m last year, excluding Google.
The xtraMSN spend looks to have switched to Yahoo!xtra – who, unlike msn, at least have ‘paying’ ads showing (though some have commented that the ads are sometimes Australian). I obtained the ratecard from Yahoo!xtra (I won’t publish numbers here as they do not publish it on their website) and I can tell you that their rates are astonishingly high versus other news sites. We are in interesting times.


Published by Lance Wiggs