Moyers, Internet and TV

Bill Moyers, a respected journalist from PBS, has come back from retirement in an astonishing way.

Not only did he launch a new PBS series (Bill Moyers Journal) with an excellent documentary entitled Buying the War, he has backed it up with an excellent website.

The video of each program is available for free – in a flash player or you can download an mp3 audio podcast..

For bloggers, or those of us in third world countries (or NZ) and fickle broadband, there are show transcripts. Here’s a great one from the Jon Stewart interview.

The site is backed up by a blog, and there are plenty of links to sources and extra information pertaining to each program.

In short it is a stunning mix of the best of both media – it amazes me that non-profit PBS is the organization to lead the way. Kudos to them.

Published by Lance Wiggs