The Atlantic Monthly magazine continues its transformation from an excellent magazine and ok website into an excellent magazine and an excellent website.

The site now features A lister bloggers Matthew Yglesias and Andrew Sullivan, along with James Fallows and Ross Douthat who are a senior Atlantic correspondent and a senior Atlantic editor.

The homepage, as I write this, still has not changed, and nor has Andrew Sullivan’s blog. But look at the other three bloggers to see elements of the new design, which apparently is launching imminently.

Moving Matt Yglesias and Andrew Sullivan (who moved in Feb, 2007), both of whom have very strong independent presences, over to would have taken a lot of clout. or money.

It’s a smart magazine that wields the power of bloggers to drive traffic and opinion. Well done to The Atlantic Monthly*

*that’s the official, legal, name – the magazine I have next to me is titled “The Atlantic”.

Published by Lance Wiggs