Average NZ card transaction size

The average electronic debit & credit card transaction size in NZ is $4.6bn/80m = $57.

From memory that average transaction size seems really high – I recall figures of closer to $30 from US and historical NZ experiences. <update – seems I’m wrong – this presentation is showing much higher numbers for the USA – $70 for credit and $36.5 for debit, or about $54 average>

The Stats.govt press release states that 56% of the value of transactions in the last year were by debit card, a number which has not changed in 5 years.

So how do I look versus the average?

The average for my American Express, used for travel (but not air-travel) is a paltry $34.74. That’s mainly cab rides.

The recent average for my Mastercard/Visa is $245.60, including flights and this computer

That mc/visa average drops to $79.86 excluding flights and this computer

But the combined average of both cards, excluding flights etc. is…. $60.

So I am average after all.

No point really – just interesting.

Published by Lance Wiggs