Trade Me launches Pay Now

Trade Me have quietly launched Pay Now. This is a really important development, as it is the final barrier falling between Trade Me’s traditional model and true eCommerce.

Now you can Buy and Pay with a credit card in one move, and just walk away from the screen. All for free. (Sellers pay a credit card transaction fee).

That means there is no need to use internet banking to transfer money, which saves at least a day in time, and saves money for those, like me, with accounts that charge fees.

Did I mention this is important? 150 sellers have already signed up (you currently need over 500 feedback to be a seller with Pay Now). I could be nasty and compare that number of sellers to, say, Ferrit. But I won’t bother.

I just bought a book, and the implementation is sweet and seamless – just select one of the addresses you have used before, enter the card details and bang – you are done.

Well done guys. It’s been a while in the pipeline, but this is a new era.

Published by Lance Wiggs