Sony finally gets it…

Sony really should have owned the digital music layer market – after all they had the orginal walkman, and the mini-disc player was dominant in many geographies.

But they lost billions in sales by trying to restrain copying of music through horrendous digital right management which crippled their devices. You couldn’t copy data on to mini-discs, and even now copying music between theri devices is fraught with peril and hacks.

Well – it seems they have finally woken up, and removed their proprietory encoding mechanisms from the Walkman range, and soon from the PSP.

Hopefully it won’t take them long to figure out that what works for music will also work with video – and move to remove the DRM from Blueray.

Sony has the power to do this as they are also Sony entertainment, with a vast catalogue of video and music. But why they didn’t embark on this path years ago remains a mystery for the ages.

So I just bought a few SNE shares – just in case they really get it…

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