eBay blows cash on TV Ads that are 20 seconds old

eBay UK is placing ads on TV that feature listings with prices that are 20 seconds old. That’s some pretty cute technology, which requires slick systems from end to end.

Now the media companies have a system that can deliver ads that quickly, it’s a short leap to designing, creating  and placing ads that are related to current events.

Of course eBay UK would do a lot better to follow Trade Me’s example, and abandon wasteful spending of money on TV advertising.

As Rowan explains, people that go to a website becasue of word of mouth are far more likely to stick around. Blowing money on ads makes for good member numbers when reporting each financial quarter, but gives lower profits and lower movement from membership to advanced active membership.

While you are watching the eBay ad (it is just a few seconds long), check out the Cadbury Gorilla ad. For me it embodies everything great (the imagery, sound and production are excellent) and terrible (complete lack of reference or relevance to the product) about the advertising industry.

Published by Lance Wiggs