Shipbuktu apologises and will refund for slow shipments

This was sent to me by Paul Ryan, and is about to be posted on to Shipbuktu’s website – on the control panel which is registered members only.

It’s a pretty impressive response to the customer service issues they have been having, some of which have been reported here. Bolding is mine.

Some customers are experiencing issues with the loading of items into the control panel and issues with delivery delays. Shipbuktu Limited contracts New Zealand Post to provide the logistics services and we have asked New Zealand Post for urgent answers as to why the service levels are unsatisfactory. We have escalated this to the General Manager of Postal Services for New Zealand Post in order to ensure we get more timely responses and can advise our customers in a factual way about the status of their items.
The staff and management of Shipbuktu recognise that these issues are unsatisfactory and we are letting our customers and supporters down. We expect New Zealand Post to resume normal service levels very shortly and they have committed to an urgent investigation as to why resolution has taken so long.
Meanwhile, we welcome emails to Paul Ryan ( and Liam Beuth at (  who will attend to specific service issues. Shipbuktu will credit all payments for items not delivered within the promised delivery window and all items not entered into customer’s inboxes within one working day of receipt at our LA facility.

We share your frustration and we’re working very hard to sort the issues out and return to normal service levels.

Well done. Now for the NZPost issues to be resolved.

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One reply on “Shipbuktu apologises and will refund for slow shipments”

  1. I am one of the affected customers and I have to say that they have certainly tried to help and have refunded items for me. It is a great service – so stick with them. If you only knew what I had been through with mine and I am still hanging in there!

    Shit happens but they do try to put it right.

    Thanks Paul


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