Fast Broadband is here – in Perth that is

Finally I have broadband again. It took Perth based iiNet about a week to arm-twist Australian monopolist Telstra into connecting me. Their communications and service (24/7 help desk) has been faultless – which is stunning in this industry.

iiNet uses ADSL2, and here’s what I get:

From me at home in Perth to a local Perth server.


From me at home in Perth to  San Francisco

speedtest SF

and from me in Perth to Wellington

speedtest - wellington perth

Meanwhile Telecom’s Broadband test shows a speed of 3300 Kbps – which is almost 50% above the maximum on their meter:


Finally – do check out the cool graphics on speedtest. It knows where you are, and lets you test your speeds from where to are to anywhere in the world.


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  1. I work for iiNet Lance and it’s fantastic to see your positive feedback find it’s way onto the net! Also, your perspectives on media and business in the communications game are will be really interesting going forward, if I may become a subscriber to the blog?

    Thank you very much for the great advocacy and if there’s ever anything extra you need, I believe you now have my email address : )

    Enjoy the faster speeds and be sure to have a look at our newsletters at, they’re actually full of some great content.

    Thanks again,



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