Dump dumping laws now (and don’t buy Croxley paper)

So Office Max (enterprise value US$4 billion), subsidiary Croxley Stationery, wins a NZ anti dumping case against 15 stationary importers from five South East Asian countries.

Apparently selling stuff in New Zealand for cheaper than other markets is bad.

The law is an ass – I’d rather have that cheaper stationary thank you, and I’d rather the US conglomerate competed fairly against it’s competitors without recourse to what is a woeful law.

Does the MED really think that 15 companies are COLLUDING to bring in stationary for less than it costs them overseas. Wouldn’t a rational mind think that perhaps we have a more competitive market here than they have in their home, and that all but one company in the NZ market are competing on a level playing field?

Companies will sell their products at the profit maximising price in any constituency. That means if there is healthy competition then the prices are lower, and if there is an oligopoly or monopoly then the prices will be higher. New Zealand has worked hard at free trade, at fair trade – and this sort of distorting decision puts us alongside, at least for stationary, the appalling trade laws in the USA.

Published by Lance Wiggs