Know all of Trade Me’s secrets – and get paid for it

Want to get deep inside Trade Me’s engine to understand how it works?

Then apply for Trade Me’s Manager – Strategy and Analytics role, and you will know all. Well – you’ll be exposed to the data fire hose anyway, and you’ll use any insights you find to help grow Trade Me. This was the area I wallowed in (when I wasn’t helping with valuations and the sale) at Trade Me, and if you are the sort of person that loves business, data and a cool work environment, then go for it.

– Ongoing modeling, budgeting and financial forecasting for our business lines. You would know intimately how well the different areas of our business are performing, and have strong opinions on their potential.

– Formulating and presenting ideas about how we can make more money. This includes internal opportunities, and the evaluation of potential acquisitions, joint ventures etc. You would manage the conversations we have with these external parties.

– Oversight the day-to-day running of our operational data and analytics operations, including all the numbers we use for decision support, performance indicators, and the measurement of site changes.

– The management of a growing and dynamic team to help you accomplish the above, and, if you’re up to it, senior management input at the exec level for the company.

Published by Lance Wiggs