Beat the Christmas rush – buy your Nintendo Wii now!

It seems Wii’s are running out of stores in the US as soon as they arrive, as it appears that the Wii is the Christmas item of choice.

Actually that makes sense – at US$250 or so the Wii is not too expensive versus the Xbox and PS3. And let’s face it – everyone loves the Wii out of the box. It’s the long term playability that is at issue, and that’s just for hard core gamers. There are a lot more parents looking for gifts that will give a genuine smile than hard core gamers.

Anyway, even Amazon doesn’t have any Wiis in stock (they refer you to other sellers).

What is interesting is when you compare the Amazon review ratings of the three main consoles. Look at the percentage of reviewers giving the highest score of Five/Five for each of the consoles:

amazon 5/5 ratingsSources: Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, XBox 360 Core, XBox 360 20Gb as at 26 Nov.

Anything that gets 87% maximum rating has to be incredible, and even 57% is excellent.  Scouting around for other great products, I see that the awesome iPod Nano black (super sexy 8Gb version) gets just 58%, and the cool MacBook just 63%. Tough crowd.

In NZ the Wiis seem to still be in stock – Dick Smith has them both online and in numerous stores. They are relatively more expensive in NZ, but if you are thinking of getting one for Christmas, then you’d be wise to hurry.

Published by Lance Wiggs