Trade Me 1, old time Auctioneers 0

Way to go – accuse Trade Me of not following good business practise, then be forced to cringingly back down in the face of overwhelming evidence. I’m not sure how this one played out, but is sure is amusing reading the resulting article.

(Auctioneers).. Association chief executive John Ward had said Trade Me did not help its customers with complaints, that its customers had no right of dispute and that Trade Me did not follow good business practice. Now he has written to Trade Me apologising and withdrawing his remarks.

He said the association understood that such statements and allegations about online trading sites did not apply to Trade Me.

and fair enough. Trade Me has 24/7 customer service these days, and if things are dire you can at all times get someone on the phone with the 0900 number. If you are dodgy then you can expect the police will get interested pretty rapidly.

Meanwhile my limited experience with offline Auctions was very much cavaet emptor and bugger off with it.

I’d hazard that the total number of sucessful Trade Me listings in the last 7 years would  dwarf the entire number of items ever auctioned offline in New Zealand.

Published by Lance Wiggs