The vote is in: Housing prices are overvalued

I know internet polls are unscientific, but it seems that Stuff poll voters are pretty clear on housing prices these days:

stuff pioll

I agree. Just check your rent versus buy numbers. Over here in Perth I’m paying rent of a third of the mortgage payments required to buy this place. I should know – it is on the market.

I’ve said it before – if you have investment property in any market in the world – sell now.

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  1. Whilst it is clear that internet polls are unscientific, I think even published reports can be misinterpretations of fact. The statistics cited in this post are from QV and present a differing opinion from that presented by the Real Estate Institute figures the next day.

    As I have outlined in my “Unconditional” blog post “House prices up or down – who to believe QV or REINZ” – the truth lies entirely in the source and timeliness of data.

    Internet polls can provide “wisdom of crowds” spontaneous feedback but when it comes to buying or selling a home – solid reliable data well presented cannot be beaten – but can be misinterpreted!


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