How to launch a succesful blog

It’s simple.

First – Use the giant NYTimes as your blog vehicle, and be part of an existing blog

Second- Be a well known and followed writer – Pico Iyer

Third – Pick a topic we all love to hate – Airlines

and finally – start your blog by telling a bunch of Americans that we are in a Golden Age of Travel.

It helps if you are a diminutive Indian chap living in Japan, and so travel on international airlines almost exclusively, while your audience suffers the horror that is US domestic travel.

If you are considering traveling to the USA, or through the USA, or even on a USA flag carrier, just go ahead and read the comments on that blog entry. When you have finished examining those hells, go ahead and change your flights.

Oh – and don’t even think about upgrading out of it on a US flag carrier, instead  switch to single class Jet Blue or Southwest.

Published by Lance Wiggs