So msn and APN have linked up. But to tell the impact you have to dig a little. The page is unchanged:

The msn news page has better news than before: news

But the links give it away – here’s the one beneath the main news picture:

Indeed that news page is the NZHerald news page with a differnt brand.  It’s a simple as shoving at the top of the nzherald page. Here are the two politics pages

nzherald  msn.nzheraldc

So – NZHerald gets more traffic, pure and simple. MSN gets some real news on their rather sparse website. Stuff is still ahead in UB’s, (498k vs 456k last week) but NZHerald with this move has a Page View lead. For now.

It seems to be a great deal by APN.

For a start they increased their saleable page views. Secondly they help msn get revenue (details unknown) by selling ads on a site that otherwise struggles – the front page of msn has sister company Seek ads only right now. Finally they have taken out a potential  (though not so strong) competitor in the news space. Well done chaps.

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