Where in the blogosphere is Michael Carney?

Michael has seemingly abandoned the Trade Me success Secrets blog, which was looking to be a really promising place to discuss and see all things Trade Me.

He also seems to have left the Grey Group – where he was also writing an interesting blog. If you want to see what an untended blog looks like, check out the comments to this post.

Meanwhile Michael’s Linked-in profile is still showing the G2/Grey Group connection.

So – what gives? Where are you now Michael? If you are out there we’d love to keep hearing your views..

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2 replies on “Where in the blogosphere is Michael Carney?”

  1. Ah, Lance, you do keep me honest!

    It’s been a whirlwind month, and minor details such as updating my LinkedIn profile took a bit of a back seat. However, duly prompted by your blog entry, I’ve now amended it accordingly and you can check it out at http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelcarney.

    Anyway, for those who care about such things: I moved two weeks ago to take up the position of Strategic Planning Director at The Media Counsel (see http://wwww.mediacounsel.co.nz for company details, though you won’t find me there yet).

    As soon as I arrived at The Media Counsel, I immediately launched a blog, as you do, at http://mediacounsel.wordpress.com, which now has a couple of weeks worth of entries (but no promotion as yet). And yes, a monthly newsletter is also on its way — should be out next week. Those already on my mailing list will receive a copy of this newest edition, at which point you can decide whether to remain subscribed or otherwise.

    The Trade Me Success Secrets blog? Well, that has rather slipped into disrepair — I’ve been putting the effort into my TMSS newsletter instead, in and around the other demands on my time. At this point, I’m not sure what I’ll do with that blog — it doesn’t really repay the time and effort involved, and I have a few other projects I want to drive this year.

    Thanks for your interest, Lance — ’tis an interesting environment, this blogosphere thingy!


  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere thingy and good to hear from you Michael. Good to hear you are still blogging, albeit elsewhere.

    (The MediaCounsel website needs a bit less magic and more content. I do like the staff page, but can see why you are still not up there – not exactly easily maintainable.)

    I do think the Trade Me Success Secrets blog has potential, but it’s a long road ahead while the million members slowly discover the joy of reading blogs.


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