Travelling with the iphone for a week

First some rants;
“nz” gets auto changed into “ms”, and the auto replacement function does not learn from its’ mistakes.

Safari keeps crashing, with increasing regularity

YouTube videos simply do not work anymore

I can’t flip photos in wordpress

Mail does not flip horizontally, making it really hard to read HTML emails that assume a decent screen size

You can’t force an “unflip” of safari (which is sensor driven depending on the phone orientation), say for reading while you are lying on your side.

The keyboard sucks, particularly as essentially all apps have it in the smaller vertical mode.

Single mode browsing is so 1995.

Overall thoughts:
Usefull for keeping up with top 10% of things online, useless for proper browsing (tabs, multiple pages at once, video, speed etc.)

Useful for reacting to short emails, useless for decent work

Useful for quick and dirty photo blogging, useless for the research and work required for a decent blog entry

Useful for travel when you want to go super light, useless for overseas travel and those roaming data rates

A lot if that stuff will get solved with time, and meanwhile the iPhone still feels like something way beyond the norm.
Meanwhile my language has changed for these posts – it is just too hard to write well on this silly keypad.

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  1. Hey Lance, it’s a phone … the fact you can post the blog and pictures at all is a significant advance. As far as I know no one ever claimed it should replace your laptop. :)


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