Top 10 things to change at eBay

I’d love to get into the numbers in the recent changes to eBay, but it is too hard on this iPhone.

But regardless, here are my top 10 suggestions for change at eBay:

1: allow google checkout and integrate it. It will provide a clean payment system (unlike paypal) and will force paypal to get better.

2: Simplify and reduce all fees-the penny pinching has killed the market and is driving people to amazon and elewhere.

3: cut the marketing budget by 90% – we all know where eBay is, so take a short term revenue hit but increase profits

4: reduce staff by 50%, especially marketing, product management and even development…

5: Stop feature creep and keep it simple, light and fast.

6: keep copying trade me’s stuff from new Zealand.

7: charge for Skype use, but trivial amounts and only for conference calls

8: increase customer service quality and staff quantity – put those marketing mbas in there perhaps.

9: Sell paypal. Someone else will make it work and grow, even if you can’t.

10: allow sellers to give negative feedback to non performing buyers-it is a basic building block of community policing.

Is there a chance of any of these happening?

Published by Lance Wiggs


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