NZ Election winners now confirmed!!!

Here they are.

In first – updates every handful of minutes and is the official source.

In second place: TVNZ. There is no rolling text commentary:
But despite a tag saying video is only available to NZ viewers the video link actually works and I am now watching TVNZ’s coverage. It seems to have been filtered through a smeared lens but it’s coverage nonetheless.
TVNZ live
I do find it amusing that commercials are not sent offshore. Actually it is great because the signal just goes quiet rather, which is bliss.

In third place: Stuff – Updates every 5-15 minutes, has a bit of commentary as well.
It’s interesting to see the rebranding they have done to “Fairfax media”, showing the Stuff logo alongside the major mastheads.

Next is NZHerald. Great commentary but updates are a bit slow at 30 minutes so far. The have sped up a bit as the last one was at 10 minutes.


Twitter/NZElection is next with updates every 5-15 minutes, but less comprehensive than Stuff and just repeats results.

Last is TV3 who have a basic summary page which seems to be the election/govt data.


But the promised streaming video does not work. TV3 video. or not

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