LanceWiggs marketing effectiveness is 97.9th percentile

Well apparently that’s an indication of the marketing effectiveness of versus the “hundreds of thousands” of other ranked websites on Hubspot’s website grader. It’s a pretty lousy measure, truth be told, as Trade Me scores lower at 96.3% and Stuff gets just 95.3%.

More interestingly it provides bit more detail about sites’ marketing effectiveness. E.g. apparently there are no meta data description or meta data keywords on this site.

The (front page of this) site scored a readability level of Secondary/High School. That’s good – there’s no need to make complicated things difficult to read, nor to make simple things difficult to read. Trade Me also scores Secondary High school, but to read Stuff apparently you need to have an Advanced / Doctoral Degree. There are a lot of smart educated Kiwis it seems – I need to up the ante.

Also I have no entries in the DMOZ, Yahoo! or Zoominfo directories. Who uses those anyway, but I guess I can have a look. The Yahoo one costs $300 to make a submission – no thanks.

Apparently reading a blog in the top 0.12% of the blogosphere – which doesn’t say much as that’s a Technorati rank of 82,331. I’m yet to be Dugg, barely and bloglines reports no RSS feed subscribers (not close to being true)

I put Rowan’s blog in as a “competing” website, and here’s the result. It seems I’m a better marketer while Rowan gets a lot more traffic – mmm.

Far more interesting are the Trade Me versus and the Stuff versus NZHerald results. We all know Trade Me is dominant in New Zealand, but this shows how poor eBay is.
Stuff and NZHerald continue to be neck and neck, though Stuff is showing a lot more depth these days.

Try it out on your favorite sites – don’t worry about putting in an email address, you’ll get a report regardless.:

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