No Black backgrounds please

Its always food to see new blogs. However if you are going to launch a new blog, like aotearoarenamemovement and newmasses did this week, then please make it easy to read.

I don’t mean the content, but the design. White words on black background simply isn’t that easy to read.

And for the Aotearoa Movement people,  if you want to start a movement, then here are some ideas to get the basics right:

  • Create a conversation. You’ve made a statement which leaves little else. The single post seems to have exhausted your rhetoric, and leads the reader to wonder whether there is anything else there. Perhaps if you frame the site differently so it isn’t just a “support this or not” decision
  • Use a better system than “email us” to ask people to make comments or contributions. Start with the comments on the blog, or make some new pages on the blog and ask for comments there. (It’s all probably easier on WordPress.) Ask for other contributors if you like, and get a good debate going.
  • Say who you are. This is a movement right? But behind a movement should be people, and a movement with nobody behind it  isn’t going to keep me interested for long. It’s saying the backers don’t actually want to put their reputations on the line. Say who you are, why you are passionate about this and what else you are pushing.
  • Use the right medium. A Facebook group might be smarter so that people can join, and it is a whole lot more viral. Try twittering, Beboing and everything else like that as well.

Published by Lance Wiggs