Praise, yes praise, for Telecom

This really is a stunning piece of work – even made this cynic think twice. Well done Telecom.

It’s important because it shows that Telecom increasingly gets it – they are getting that it is about delivering the right service to New Zealanders (fiber to the home rated a mention), they get that it is about the people that work there, and they get that Youtube (and twitter) are great mediums for spreading the news.They manage to say this while taking little digs at themselves and being very human.

It was uploaded yesterday Youtube time, and  had just 392 views when I saw it. It will be interesting to observe how far and fast the views go.

The cast list was telling – the boss is the eighth listed, which means he was the eighth person to appear in the piece. That’s leadership.

It’s so nice to be able to write something good about Telecom. Roll on the days when we can write a whole lot more.

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3 replies on “Praise, yes praise, for Telecom”

  1. Totally agree Lance.. this is a bloody nice vid indeed… and very different for Telecom as you say!

    A mate of mine in there sent this to me yesterday when the staff were all shown the vid for the first time… and like you, I thought 342 hits was a little low considering the number of staff they have on board at TC… it appears though that based on info from UTube’s help centre, their recent tinkering with their ‘Anti-Viewer Bot’ software now means that anything posted that receives what they believe is an unusually high number of hits in an intensive and short space of time is considered ‘suspect’ and consequently has its stats frozen… rather annoying as that data is often valuable and useful from a marketing point of view.


  2. Here in Pt Chevalier we have had great support from Telecom – our local business group pushed for fast broadband and as a result we were the first suburb to get the ADSL 2+ cabinets.

    Paul attended our meetings and came across as a very genuine bloke who was motivated to see our problem resolved.

    Now can’t wait to get connected to the new Telecom XT mobile network as discussed here


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