Increasing interconnectiveness of the mediasphere has just added another link to the increasingly interconnected mediasphere. They’ve added the ability to login, read and post to WordPress blogs using the Twitter API.

What that specifically means is that we can now post blog entries using apps like Tweetie 2.0 for the iPhone, which I am doing for this. *

However the wider implication is that this is merely another step in the continued blurring of the boundaries between the Media – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, general media sites, business sites and whatever is coming next.

We are also seeing the lines blurring between the quality and type of Content writing we see in professional media, high end bloggers, businesses and the various types of personal content.

I believe that The end game is a soup – where we are each surrounded by and interacting with a vast array of streams that themselves interact with each other. We choose the primary ways that we interact but feed in and out to other streams.

The hardest part is figuring out where the revenue streams will be. While we accept that we pay for little online we still demand quality writing and news.

These are big themes, and a short blog post cannot really do them justice. What do you think – is this where it is all going?

* Actually this is what the post originally looked like: has just added another link to the increasingly interconnected mediasphere.
They have added the abi (cont)

The API would only post the standard number of Twitter characters, and truncated the rest. So there is some work to do. Meanwhile there is a very good WordPress Application for the iPhone which is far better for creating posts.

Published by Lance Wiggs