The need for sub editing still remains

An article on Stuff with an AAP byline (but not writer’s name) reveals a little about the state of news reporting today. The original article was published in Fairfax’s Melbourne newspaper The Age yesterday – and has an author (Nicole Low). That brings us to the first finding: Big media companies share content amongst their […]

Increasing interconnectiveness of the mediasphere has just added another link to the increasingly interconnected mediasphere. They’ve added the ability to login, read and post to WordPress blogs using the Twitter API. What that specifically means is that we can now post blog entries using apps like Tweetie 2.0 for the iPhone, which I am doing for this. * However […]

What kids do on the internet

It’s simple – they spend time “hanging out, messing around and geeking out.” danah boyd, who came over for a Webstock mini a little while back, was one of a team led by Mimi Ito and funded by “Genius Grant” providers MacArthur Foundation. They conducted a 3 year study, spent $3.3 million, did 22 case […]