How readable is your site?

Google has a new readability feature, so why not check a few local sites?

Here are some, in decreasing order of ‘Basic’ readabilty.

Proving something about left wing academics, tough I am not sure what. Overall very consistent in readability – not too simple, not too hard.

Complex matters, again presented consistently.

Seems right – Kiwiblog writes about complicated matters, and so the most basic language won’t work a lot of the time. However the lack of advanced language means the site is very readable. Well done.

Pretty good overall result – the basics are easy to read, but the complex is there as well. Appeals to a wide audience, or off-putting for the mainstream?

Hard to differentiate here, as always. Our mainstream media are more readable than the Economist and WSJ (2% and 8% basic respectively), along with the NYTimes (9%). However while MSNBC (44%) and USA Today (31%) are higher, it’s somehow disturbing that Fox News has about the same readability level (23%).

Entertainingly these two Aussie Fairfax Media papers have more difference between them than NZHerald and Stuff do in NZ.

News sites that focus on the new news, and not features – so you’d expect the easier readability.

Do Trade Me sellers define the best mix of language that sells? A strange coincidence that Rowan’s blog and this blog are about the same as Trade Me in readability.

These two group buying sites (I’m involved with Groupy) provide more evidence that simple sells.

The girls have it.

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  1. Interesting how the two different domains for my blog (that point to exactly the same server and content) have two different results.


    Now I should hang my head in shame that I haven’t written a decent post in a few months though.


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